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myTravel360 is one stop solutions for all your visa and passport and travel requirements be it business or leisure. myTravel360 provides expert guidance in the area of visa issuance, Passport and travel services. We are also well adept in dealing with any queries or problems faced by our customers as we have a dedicated customer support team where the members are seasoned and highly experience.

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What is a visa & why is it important?

How do I get a travel visa?

There are different types of Visas that are available based on your requirement and purpose of travel overseas such as Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Student Visa, Work Visa, Dependent Visa and Visitor Visa etc.

You need to submit your necessary documents online/offline as per Embassy/consulate requirements along with your passport, visa application form, visa fees and financial documents etc.

A better option is to consult an visa expert who can help you in an efficient way.

What are the different types of Visa?

There are different types of Visas that are available based on your requirement and purpose of travel overseas such as Student Visa, Work Visa, Investor Visa, Business Visa, Dependent Visa, and Visitor Visa, etc.

Different Types of Visa

What are the required documents for the visa interview?

The documents required for a Visa interview will depend on the nation and type of Visa that you are applying to. The documents that are most commonly required are:

Supporting documents required for a Visa interview

The idea of supporting documents is to verify –

Let us look at the documents required for visa interviews for important countries:

This is where the advice of a Visa Counsellor or a Visa Experts will be valuable to help you understand the different visas available and the specific requirements for your visa. A visa counsellor will help you with the application process to successfully procure your visa.